Bonham & Currier Building


Just one of many historic photo's that can be found in A Pictorial History of St. Johns by Donald R. Nelson available through St. Johns Booksellers. A link to their store can be found here.

Bonham and Currier Building circa 1908. First National Bank is to the right.
Bonham and Currier Building circa 1905 on North Jersey St (now Lombard St.). Note that the building is shared at this time with a confectionary / soft drink store and a billiard parlor. A transfer company is down the way on Burlington Ave. Photo courtesy of Katherine Bonham Oswald.


Shown larger than life size this was a letter opener given out to customers of Bonham and Currier's on their 25th Anniversary. "St. Johns' Dependable Store". Note "Good Luck" horseshoe on the end.
Enlarged portion of a panoramic photo taken circa 1918 now in the collection of Jerry Risberg. Complete photo can be found in A Pictorial History of St. Johns by Donald R. Nelson.


Bonham and Currier Stores

In 1906, Edmund S. Currier and Harry W. Bonham, both from Keokuk, Iowa, started their joint business in groceries and dry goods at Philadelphia and South Jersey (now Lombard) streets.

Their wives came later from Keokuk. Alice Bohnam traveled by train to Seattle, then to the end of the railroad at Kelso, Washington. Mr. Bonham met her there and they came on to St. Johns by horse and wagon.

The old St. Johns steam train depot preceded Bonham and Currier at Philadelphia and Jersey (Dawson St.).

By Mary Wilbur (St. Johns History Bicentennial Issue)



Bickner's Department Store, later to become St. Johns Hardware, is on the left. The Quick Lunch Store on the right burned down in 1905. It was replaced with the Bonham and Currier building around 1905 or 1906. Photo believed to show first "electric" trolley in St. Johns. Photo taken January 8, 1903. The John T. Labbe collection.


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