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Select Photographs from Martha and Carlton Mast's Photo Albums

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Dr. Carlton E. Mast - Chiropractor and Radionist - 309 N. Jersey. This was Dr. Mast's first location in St. Johns, circa 1928.

"First Chiropractic School"


Foxes kept behind Dr. Mast's office on Jersey St.
Dr. Carlton E. Mast's second location in St. Johns, 7434 N Charleston Ave. This structure was built in 1940. The back end of Larry Tucker's Shell gasoline station can be seen on the right. Note that Charleston Ave. appears unpaved at this time.

This photo was taken July 3, 1964. "Patient took this one that brought him the fish".
"Our house in 1928"
Martha (Rhode) Mast (on the right) wrote in her photo album "Taken a few days before I quit to get married, 1928"
Another view of the Mast's house in 1928. Note the truck with hard rubber tires in the background.
The garage had sliding doors.
"At Pomeroy, Wash. July 28,1928"
"Table cloth that took me three years to crochet"
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