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H.F. Clark was "The Furniture Man". This photo was taken prior to the completion of the St. Johns Bridge in 1931. By that time H. F. Clark's furniture business had been in St. Johns for 25 years. The address was 402 South Jersey Street. The City of Portland later changed the name of this street to North Lombard. Although not visible from this angle it is the point where Jersey and Lombard merge into one.

H. F. Clark was a very personable and civic minded individual. Walking on his way to and from the store each day he would pick up every scrap of paper he found along the way.



Photo reflects St. Johns Value Giant's last days. Building was demolished in November, 2015 .

St. Johns Value Giant's storefront for 25 years became home to Weir's Cyclery at the end of February 2006. Weir's Cyclery had previously occupied the St. Johns Hardware building. Value Giant relocated to the old Wilco building at 210 SE 1st. street in downtown Battle Ground, Washington. They went out of business in late 2012. It now carries on as Urban Basics.

Value Giant sign turned inside out at 8416 N. Lombard.



Built in 1905 this was the H.F. Clark's home for many years before donating it to the Salvation Army and moving to much smaller story 2-bedroom house next door. The original siding can be seen below one of the second story windows in the front. An additional two rooms were added onto the main floor at the back of the house at some point. This addition cut off the outside entrance to the basement. It is curious today to open the old wooden door in the basement and observe concrete steps that go nowhere. (Awaiting restoration 1/19/06. )


(Restoration complete 11/18/06.)


A Partial List of St. Johns Businesses on Jersey ( now Lombard ) Street in early 1931
416 N. Jersey - Irvin's Red and White Grocery and Market
Ormandy Bros. - Furniture - 401 N. Jersey
402 N. Jersey - Peninsular Title-Abstact and Reality
Home Mercantile Co - 319 N. Jersey
Dr. Carlton E. Mast - Chiropractor and Radionist - 309 N. Jersey
306 N. Jersey - Marian N Amizich - Real Estate, Loans, Insurance
Peninsular Market - 219 N. Jersey
216 - 218 N. Jersey - St. Johns Service Station
A.W. Davis - Real Estate and Insurance - 211 1/2 N. Jersey
212 N. Jersey - J.J. Simmons - Dry Goods
St. Johns Produce Co. - 211 N. Jersey
208 N. Jersey - A.J. Freum - Real Estate and Rentals
208 N. Jersey - St. Johns Transfer & Storage Co.
Graybell Cafe - 119 N. Jersey, at Alta
Purity Bakery and Delicatessen - 115 N. Jersey
J.F. Gilmore - Real Estate, Rental, Insurance - 113 N. Jersey
St. Johns Cash Market - 105 N. Jersey
108 N. Jersey - Everhart Drug Co. - Rexall Store
108 S. Jersey - Peninsula Security Company
116 S. Jersey - Lee Whitty - Drug Store
118 S. Jersey - Couch & Curier, Inc - Food Store
W.M. Tower - Jeweler - 201 S. Jersey
B & C Department Store - 205 - 207 S. Jersey
C.J. Muck - Grocer - 217 S. Jersey
Forsythe's Food Store - 309 S. Jersey
St. Johns Auto Electric Co. - 317 S. Jersey
Terminal Electric (Galloway's) - 409 S. Jersey
R.G. Eichelberger - Jeweler - 411 S. Jersey
402 S. Jersey - H.F. Clark - The Furniture Man
The first photo is circa 1931. Outwardly not a lot has changed since then.
The B&C Department Store circa 1931.
Photo taken when the Salvation Army Thrift Store used this as their St. Johns location. Only the upper half of the building retains it's earlier character. Notice the blue heron designs on either side near the top.
Lombard Hospital circa 1931

Known today as the Villa De Marcell. Tree in the foreground appears in both photos.

Built in 1907 the St. Johns City Hall Building as it looked circa 1935.

St. Johns City Hall Building as it looks today.
The National Cash Register Building as it looked shortly after being moved to it's present location at the close of the 1905 Lewis and Clark Exposition.
1905 National Cash Register Building as it looks today as McMenamins St. Johns Pub and Movie Theater.
Portland Woolen Mills - Largest Mills West of Cleveland. Drawing circa 1920.
Cathedral Park Place and surrounding buildings in an area once occupied by the Portland Woolen Mills.
James John School today.
Bonham and Currier Building circa 1905 on North Jersey St (now Lombard St.). Note that the building is shared at this time with a confectionary / soft drink store and a billiard parlor. A transfer company is down the way on Burlington Ave. Photo courtesy of Katherine Bonham Oswald.
        Shown larger than life size this was a letter opener given out to customers of Bonham and Currier's on their 25th Anniversary. "St. Johns' Dependable Store". Note the "Good Luck" horseshoe on the end.
The Bonham and Currier building today.
Sherman's Grocery circa 1931.
University Park Dental Offices today.
Photo of the St. Johns Hardware Co. circa 1913. (Photo from the McGill Collection)

Interior of St. Johns Hardware Co. circa 1910. Left to right William J. Evans, Oscar Miller, Charles S. McGill. (Photo from the McGill Collection)

St. Johns Hardware building as it looked prior to it's latest renovation.


First National Bank circa 1907 - 1908

James John Cafe 2006
Chiropractor Dr. Carlton E. Mast stands in front of his new building at 7434 N. Charleston Ave., circa 1940.

At some point a 2nd story was added. The Mast building was last home to the Messiah Lutheran Church. Building was demolished November, 2015.




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Lewis & Clark Centennial and American Pacific Exposition and Oriental Fair of 1905

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